Club History

The building was officially opened in 1922.  Built to house the Law School, it was used from 1922 to 1952 for Administration and Library offices until the Law department moved in.  They stayed for 15 years before relocating to the Weldon Law Building in 1967.

Over the years the building has been home to many University groups and the location for a variety of classes in Law, English and Math.  The English department’s drama division was at one time where the dining room is today.  The basement of the building, which is now the Earl of Dalhousie Pub, at various times housed the Computer Centre, the Information Office and the Dalhousie Faculty Association Office.

The University Club was founded in 1972, and in that same year moved into the building on the main floor.  In the years following the Club expanded to include the Great Hall and in 1979 construction of the Pub began.  The Earl of Dalhousie Pub was officially opened on January 25, 1980 and has become a favourite on-campus meeting area.